4 Keys to Successfully Growing a Small Entrepreneurial Business

An Intro to the Building to Scale Accelerator Program
You Are Not Alone

The Challenges Are Just as Big

As a small, early stage entrepreneurial business owner, the challenges you face in growing your business are just as real as the “big guys” … yet your resources are much more scarce.

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    People Issues

    You are wearing too many hats, yet it seems impossible to find good, solid people to help your business grow.

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    Lack of Control

    Where business used to be fun, it now feels like a daily struggle just to keep the wheels on the bus.

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    Nothing is Working

    No matter what you try, you are blocked at each turn and nothing seems to be moving the business forward.

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    Declining Profitability

    The business is not producing enough profit to invest back into the business or yourself.

Who Is This Workshop For?

The hard work is done – you have created a product or service, and even more importantly, you have a market that is willing to spend money on your product or service.

The problem is that now your dream entrepreneurial business is more like a job where you are the boss, the employee, and the janitor!

Long days and long weeks are getting longer.  You know the path you are on is not sustainable, but what is the alternative?

This workshop will break down the four key areas critical to scaling an entrepreneurial business and putting you back on track to realize your vision.

In addition to breaking down the curriculum of the Building to Scale Accelerator program, we will provide you with four of the tools from this curriculum that you can take back into your business and start using today!

Join Us

August 11, 2021 @ 12:00 PM CST

Along with some great insights on successfully scaling your business, you will take away four proven tools from this workshop that you can take back and start using in your business immediately.

In addition, for those that attend, we will extend the offer of a 30 minute call with Jeff Chastain to answer any questions you may have about these tools, the accelerator program, or challenges you are currently experiencing in your business.

Meet Your Host: Jeff Chastain

Jeff has been working with business leaders for over 15 years, helping them to solve issues and get more of what they want from their business.

Having owned and managed several entrepreneurial business ventures himself, he understands the challenges that business owners can face and the struggles that come with trying to grow a business when that is not your area of expertise.

His passion is simply to help provide the clarity that business leaders crave in their business and then help them get more of what they want by leveraging proven tools, systems, and processes to build and strengthen the foundation of the business.

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